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Welcome to the Scrabble Cheat website, one of the best Word Finder website ! This free Scrabble Solver tool is intended to help players to improve their game : Scrabble, Word with friends, crosswords... It's far better than a simpler anagram solver or word unscrambler, because it will not only display the words you can do with your letters, but will also tell you where it can give you the maximum of points. But please, do NOT use them to cheat against unsuspecting opponents. Tell your rivals if you intend on using this site during gameplay. Playing fair is always better !


Please use this scrabble help tool fairly. It is not our intention to encourage you to cheat on other people, but rather to give you the means to see what you could have done afterwards, and help you improve your game. So please, use this scrabble solver wisely.

Quick How To

- Choose a word dictionary (TWL, SOWPODS, OSPD, ENABLE, ODS) and a game design (Standard, Lexulous, Literati, Wordscraper, Wordfeud, Word with friends or Custom).
- Fill the board and the rack, use "space" for a blank tile.
- Click "Get Solutions" to see the results.